Friday, March 03, 2006

Finally... an update!

I haven't posted progress on my projects in a few weeks now, but I keep knitting. I take some time off occasionally to do other things... yanno, like cooking and laundry and other drudge stuff, but I always come back to my projects.

I'm almost done with my first pair of socks. I see now that if I had stuck to it consistently, I would have finished them during the Olympic challenge, but life got in the way. They were so intimidating in the beginning... I could not imagine working with five needles at one time, thinking I was too much of a spaz to have the coordination to do that, but I fooled myself. It's easier than I thought it would be and loads of fun. In any case, I've been trying them on Zoe periodically as I go along and guess what? They fit her like they were made for her! Ooops! They were. Hahaha.

I want to get right back to the sweater I was making her when I put that down for the knitting Olympics, and expect I'll be able to do that by the weekend. My sister's coming to visit (yea!) though, so I don't know how much time I'll spend knitting, unless I knit while we watch a couple of movies... hmmmm... sounds like a plan...

I'm considering taking my memory card to Walgreens just so I can post the pictures I took of my socks and the hugs and kisses sweater. Who knows when I'll unpack my stuff and find my cable for my camera... sigh...

Anyway, gotta run. Knitting calls and I have to leave to meet my Friday group.

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Mrs BJ said...

Hi! Thanks for your feedback on my blog! I was reading yours and am very interested to see a picture of your Hugs & Kisses sweater. Also, I was wondering how you went about designing your own sweater. I think I am about to embark on a similar journey and would love to have any pointers you can give.