Friday, August 11, 2006

Digging out from under

Can't believe it's been so long... again...

Well, here I am, almost the middle of August, and here I'd promised, back in the beginning of July, that I'd post more frequently.

Well, the hugs and kisses sweater picture won't be posted because I don't have it anymore to show you. I gave it away to my friend's husband (out of disgust when I realized how very large I'd made it... I know, I know... gauge swatches and all that... huge sigh). Anyway, when I'd finally tried it on, the sleeves came down past my finger tips and the body just about reached my knees... not bad if I was going for the look of a dress with really long sleeves, but really!

Anyway, I am working on a couple of new things lately... I finished a baby blanket in primary colors for one of my grandnephews (probably never see him again due to problems I have with his grandfather, but c'est la vie... at least he's warm... hahahahahaha. The picture is below (I hope, once I upload it).

I'm working on a matching baby sweater (complete except I have to sew on the buttons) and blanket. I just love the way it's coming out, but the blanket is taking forever! Instead of working on it in 3 panels (it's a 72 row repeat 3xs with changing stitches on almost every row... talk about tedious...), I had the brilliant idea to throw all of the stitches on the needles and work all three panels at once! Well, let me tell you, I'd be a panel and a half (1/2 way) through the blanket by now if I had worked the panels separately, but NO! I didn't want to sew the danged thing together once I was done, so here I sit, 43 rows into the 72 rows... plodding along, perhaps doing two rows an hour. I'd like to stick a needle in my eye right about now, 'cause I've got all this gorgeous, glorious, lustful, outrageously beautiful stash of yarn that I've just been itching to get at for months now, but I won't let myself start anything new until I (1) finish this baby blanket so it can wind its way to Florida; (2) finish my daughter's striped sweater that I started for her 2 years ago and should fit her this season that's coming, and (3) finish my daughter's denim cabled sweater that I started for her 3 years ago that I had to upsize mid-way so it COULD fit her this season, hahahahahaha... oh well.

On the other hand, I want to make myself a new afghan for my new bedroom in my new house; I want to make myself a felted purse (or 2, or 3), and I want to make myself a sweater that I've been drooling over since the spring when I bought the pattern... I'm hoping, by the time I finish my three current projects, I'll still be interested in knitting for me!

I leave for Mexico mid-September for 10 days (my close friend will be having surgery there, I'll be her moral support)... do you think I'll be able to knit on the plane in both directions? I hope so... that's 8 hours in airports and planes in both directions going to total waste if I can't knit onboard, but now they're not even letting us bring bottled water on board, how will they feel about knitting needles (any terrorists around that I can stick needles in the eyes of?)

Anyway, I'm off now to upload the picture of my blankie...

Until next time.

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trek said...

Make sure you visit a yarn shop while in Mexico!