Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy New Year!

Well, I've been thinking for weeks about writing something here and I've had a million reasons not to. First I let my picture trail account go, so I know I've got to coordinate all the missing pictures on my blog and I just haven't felt like doing that. Then, with my health issues (for those of you that don't know, I need a kidney) and I've been slightly overwhelmed going for the seemingly endless medical tests necessary to see if I even qualify for the transplant (I do. Except for my needing a kidney, apparently I am exceedingly healthy). Then I opened a new flcker account to house my photos, but my wonderful kidlet went and "accidentally" broke BOTH of my digital cameras.

Being the type of mom I am, I took all the monetary gifts that she got over the holidays, added a few more bucks of my own, and bought myself a new Olympus that seems very easy to use, but now my Sandisk cards from the old cameras do NOT fit in the new one. Damn, damn, double damn. I have to see if I can upload the photos from the old disks and then I'll be offering the two or three disks I have to the wonderful photographers in my family. For the time being, my blog shall be photoless in the upcoming posts.

So, what have I been doing (other than running back and forth to doctors and dialysis)? C'mon, you have to know... it's my middle name now... yup, yup, knitting up a storm. I've even decided to try my hand at designing arm warmers. I can't wait to get pictures to show you. I love them. Why arm warmers, you may ask...? Well, in New Jersey, we've had, so far, a very cold winter. And since my anemia will not let up, I'm always cold, dreadfully cold, particularly my arms and hands. Arm warmers are important to my mental well being.

Interestingly enough (for those of you that know me, this is a laugh alert), I've even gotten back to cooking. Where we used to eat out four or five nights a week, we have taken to staying home and (shock of shocks) I cook. Now, we're not talking gourmet meals here, but I'm definitely doing foods that my sweet girl loves (think macaroni and cheese, lasagna, baked ziti, tuna & macaroni, steak and potatoes, etc.) I was even considering turkey with fixings after speaking to my sister about her to-die-for specialty, but I beat that idea back into submission... I don't think I'm quite ready for that yet.

I have, since the beginning of the year, finished Karen's Central Park Hoodie, knit several hats, am almost finished with my designing of the arm warmers, have finished three pair of longies that carried over from last year, and am going to start a scarf next. I haven't knit a scarf in about 20 years. I want to make myself a hooded scarf so that the back of my neck, where the air gets into the neck of my coat, is protected. Not bad on the number of completed projects already, huh?

Anyway, I thought of making a resolution to write more frequently on the blog, but I did that last year and we all see how well that went, so this year my resolution is no more resolutions.

Hope to catch you again soon.


winged unicorn said...

debs, i have an olympus,i'd have told you they use unique cards. which does not help you. g has a digital camera, so does emily. if you want i can upload from their cameras.

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie, Good to hear from you on the blog. Any room in the freezer? I still have some frozen meals for you!

winged unicorn said...

by the way...

cue the record

AlisonH said...

Raising child(ren) while running constantly to the doctors. (Lupus and Crohn's, here.) Been there recently done that; my youngest just turned 21, my oldest will be 27 next week, and I lived to tell tales on them. Best wishes, good luck, and your felted purses are beautiful!