Sunday, May 20, 2007

Time does fly... and so does my daughter

I can hardly believe that the last post I made on here was in late March and here it is now, mid-May.

This morning, as she was playing with one of our pets (I like to say he's a moose in cat's disguise), the cat started chasing her. She ran into something in her room and slashed her toe (deeply). We wound up spending four hours at the hospital.

My little drama queen is playing this one to the hilt! She not only charmed the entire emergency room, she strolled out on a pair of crutches (in my opinion, not necessary, but I'm not a doctor and don't play one on T.V.) clutching the note in her hand that gets her out of gym and field day this week. Ah, the life. It's amazing what a little glue (no stitches for my princess) and a pair of crutches can do to boost a kid's feelings about themselves.

On the knitting front, after going from the emergency room to X-ray, back to the emergency room, back to X-ray, I took out my mystery shawl #3 and worked like mad on it. A skein and a half left to go and I can start mystery shawl number 4. I can't believe I set this goal for myself and it's actually going to happen. I'll post pictures after they're all completed and blocked, prior to giving them away.

I am so looking forward to giving these to their intended recipients (who are, at this point, TOTALLY clueless). I'm particularly proud of the one I created in my own design (absolutely accidentally), but it has given me the courage to try and write my own pattern for a new shawl after my "crunch time" is over. Come the summer, I'm getting out my colored pens and my graph paper and I'm gonna get it done.

Until next time (and hopefully it wont' be another two months).

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