Thursday, July 19, 2007

I'm Baaacccckkkk...

After taking yet another two month hiatus, I decided that it's time I poke in again and tell what's been happening.

Let's see... Zoe is moving on to 5th grade (quite the accomplishment after all the missing homeworks), and we've had a couple of good summer trips so far (Canada, Saratoga, Long Island), with even more coming up (camping in August, Williamsburg in November).

My knitting has been progressing nicely. I finished all of the shawls I had set my self-imposed deadline to meet and I was pretty happy with the way they came out. The recipients seemed to like them well enough. I think, after the one I'm working on for Emily, I will take a break from shawls. There are so many other beautiful things to knit.

I'm going to, very shortly, try my hand at dyeing. I've just about gotten everything I need to get started. Now all I need is the time. I've even taken up reading again. I read in spurts, but when I do, I read the book all the way through before I do anything else, so my knitting has been taking somewhat of a back burner every now and then.

I've been on a yarn binge for quite some time now and I know, for a fact, that I could not possibly knit all the yarn I have in this life, or the next, have enough, so I need to slow down, but there's so many gorgeous fibers out there for me to try that I just can't don't want to stop!

I promise to come back shortly, in the next day or two, and put up some pictures to show you what's been happening. I have to plow sort through the 350 I just uploaded yesterday, categorize, dump and display as appropriate.

In the meantime, I hope your summer is as much fun as mine has been so far. It's off to the pool club for me.

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Rebecca said...

good to hear that you're keeping busy. i sent you an email a few days ago and it bounced. has your email address changed?

5th grade! wow. is that still elementary school where you live, or middle school? i remember 5th grade. it was great. i had my first male teacher ever. and he read to us every day and we played awesome games. he was much fun. hope zoe's teacher is just as great.