Sunday, August 05, 2007

Headin' up to Boston

Well, in the morning I'm heading up to Boston. I love road trips, don't you? I'm helping out a friend and going along for the ride.

Boston is one of my favorite cities and I hope I get to see some of it. My friend is going in for a small surgery so I'll have some time on my hands. Should be fun.

In the meantime, in my last post I promised some pictures of my finished shawls, so here you go:

If you recall, I made four shawls during the period from March through June, and they were all intended for gifts for very special people in my life. I met my self-imposed deadlines and presented four very wonderful women with the shawls I made them.

This is a picture of the Diane shawl, made from sock yarns that I bought from Beth at Socks That Fit. Beth has a gorgeous collection of hand dyed yarns and will dye to your specifications, up to six colors per skein. Check her out! I chose all the blues that I saw in the ocean in Cancun and she managed to put them into this shawl.

This light blue with yarn overs shawl is a picture of the Linda shawl, made from yarns that I got from DDK Yarns LLC, a great internet only yarn vendor. They have great customer service and they are constantly adding to their stock.

This is another shawl, the Dina shawl, also made from yarns obtained from DDK Yarns. This pattern is one of my own creations and I just loved the way it came out.

This is the Emily/Isa shawl.

It was meant for Emily, but Isa wears it more than her mom does, so I'm in the process of creating yet another Emily shawl. This next one is being created in Kauni yarns, an exquisite yarn that has very long color changes and the changes are so subtle you can barely see when they are coming. All of a sudden, you realize that the color has shifted. It's so interesting, I can't wait to get more. The picture of this shawl is not quite ready yet, but will appear in a future post.

I'm still working on Jaylyn's baby blanket, but I will finish this during the week so that it can be lined and wrapped for the baby shower on the 11th. Don'tcha love deadlines (self-imposed or otherwise)?

So now you see what's been keeping me so busy. Can't be blogging if I can't stop knitting, now can I?

See ya when I'm back from Boston...


Rebecca said...

i LOVE boston, too. hope you have a grand time there. seems to be a few yarn stores in the vicinity. i'm sure you've found them already. your shawls look lovely! i'm sure all your friends will be super delighted to receive one.

Leon said...

Holidays are fun. Think of all the interesting things you can find and take home. KTL is a featured blog at Big Blog Directory this week.