Monday, September 10, 2007

Diego is Done

Well, I've never knit something for someone that they specifically asked me to make, but when my nephew (whom I absolutely adore) called and asked me to make something for his son, my adorable Eason, I panicked I said, "sure, of course, I can figure that out, I'd love to do it." GULP!

I have never knitted something custom before and I've never knitted a vest at all, but that was what he wanted for his son. My thoughts? "How long could it take me?" After all, he's just turning 4. Even if I make mistakes along the way (I didn't, yay!!!) who would know besides me?

So I took out my guitar and I smashed it against the wall, I smashed it against the floor,... oh, wait, I've got Jim Steinman in my head, let me get back to this vest. Yeah, the vest. I took out my knitting needles (hand made ones from Costa Rica, that I think are gorgeous) and pulled out some stash yarn and set about designing a vest for my adorable grandnephew.

This is what I came up with for the pocket area:

and this is another view:

and look at a close-up of the patch I found that I had a good friend hot stamp on fabric for me so I could sew it onto the vest:

And here's the back of the collar (that was a little tough for me. I didn't know how to do this and it came to me in a dream. Really. I did not work from a pattern for this and you won't see it anywhere else. It's mine, all mine, until I give it to Eason).

I hope he likes it. It's made out of wool and camel that I had in my stash. It was the closest thing I had to the color the vest should be. It was really fun to design this for him.

One of these days I have to take notes on what I'm doing so I could possibly duplicate something if I wanted to... ah, well, that's for another day.


Eric Kamander said...

This is soo cool. He's going to love it.

FYI, He wants to be Diego for Halloween so this will be perfect.

winged unicorn said...

it is so beautiful. why can't i learn to knit? WHY WHY WHY???? i have such serious knit envy. crochet, embroider, weave, etc etc but I CAN'T KNIT!!!
he is going to look so cute!!! just like his dad did when we played superheroes!!!!

Frances said...

Nice vest Debbie. The patch was a cute idea and little boys always need pockets. You just don't always want to go through them later!

peach said...

hummm you need to blog more:-)

joycevance said...

what an absolutely wonderful vest! he's a lucky little guy!