Friday, September 29, 2006

Stuff my sock-ret pal should know about me...

The basics:
How long have you been knitting? on and off for 45 years
Do you consider yourself a beginning sock knitter, an intermediate, or have you been doing this so long you could probably knit a pair in your sleep? I'm only (right now) working on my second pair of socks, but feel comfortable doing them and find them very relaxing

The measurements:
While your pal may ask for some additional info to ensure a great fit, please provide your shoe size, or any other fitting related info you think is pertinent. I have a very, very wide foot (due to medical problems) but the shoe size is 8.5"

(fiber related) Favorites: merino and 100% pure wool
What colors do you love? vibrant ones
Do you prefer solids or variegated? I like 'em both
What fibers do you most love to knit with? anything soft with wool for a basis
Who do you consider your favorite yarn vendors? Makalu
What projects (other than socks, of course*S*) do you most enjoy knitting? sweaters with cables... lots and lots of cables

(fiber related) Dislikes:
What fibers can you not stand to knit with? the cheaper acrylics
To wear? the cheaper acrylics
What colors would you never wear? yellow, melon, fuschia

The Tools:
Plastic or Metal? Bamboo or wood? bamboo or woods
Circs or Straights? circs
DPNs or Magic Loop? dpns
Are there any knitting accessories you don't have in your collection but would like? needle protectors for really tiny needle points

The Extras:
Do you have a wish list? If so, please share the link! Nah, no wish list
Do you like sweet, sour or salty? (or all of the above? *S*) sweet and salty
Do you have any allergies your pal should know about? (Certain foods, smoke, pet hair, etc) nope
Favorite scents? vanilla, musk Scents you can't stand? most florals
Do you collect anything (other than yarn and knitting toys of course)? office supplies, pens
When is your birthday? (month and day is fine!) March 21
Do you spin? Dye your own yarn? No spinning (unless you're talking about telling stories, then I've got a million of 'em). I just bought about 21 colors of dye to try and dye my own, but I have yet to do it.
Your favorite author/band/vacation spot, anything you think will help your pal know you better... My favorite author(s): Jonathan & Faye Kellerman, James Patterson, Richard North Patterson, Perri O'Shaughnessy Band: old time folk singers: Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, etc. Vacation spot: California coast, Florida, Alaska, Jerusalem

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Anonymous said...

oh goody! all this info is great to know. sorry for being slow to comment. i've got so much to catch up on! your sockret pal