Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Well the interminable blanket is DONE!!!!!

I finally finished the baby blanket while in Mexico and all I have to do now is sew the buttons on the matching sweater and off this goes to my friend's great-granddaughter. I have to say, when I first said I'd make this for her, I never thought about what I was volunteering to do. The blanket turned out beautifully, though, as did the sweater, and I will post pictures later this week.

I have already moved onto a couple other projects. While doing the blanket, it was the only thing I'd let myself do (that was a HUGE mistake). The blanket was so complicated and required such a huge amount of concentration that I would not let myself do any mindless knitting, but maybe I should have.

Now that I'm free, I've got two pair of socks on the needles, about to start a 3rd pair, and I want to start a bag for myself that I want to design as I go and felt when I'm done (never done that before, but I'm looking forward to it). I also want to teach myself to dye yarns. I have a boatload of Henry's Attic waiting to be dyed and I bought about 21 different color dyes to play with.

Thank G-d I'm on permanent disability so my former job (high level executive assistant for an international corporation with branches in 22 countries) does not interfere with my hobbies! What would I do if I could not knit anytime I felt like it?

Anyway, time for bed, but I just wanted to get my progress report in.

And to my sock-ret pal, the 3rd pair going on the needles tonight is yours. Hope you like 'em!

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