Sunday, October 08, 2006

More about the blanket... and the sweater!

Well, as I mentioned in my last post, the blanket is finally finished. Have I mentioned how crazy great it is to be me sometimes? I can sit in the same place, doing something for hours, with something right in front of me and, without moving or doing anything else, it simply disappears? That's typical of my life.

Here I am, ready to put the buttons on the baby sweater, knowing exactly where they were put (for safekeeping, naturally) and now, when I go to my safe place to find them, poof! They are gone. It's surreal magical. Hahahaha. Hopefully they will turn up, but it remains to be seen. Anyway, this is the blanket...

If you continue down, you will might see the matching baby sweater (having trouble getting more pictures in here now... huge sigh), sans the adorable buttons I have for it somewhere in my house. Yanno, I know I'm jumping all over the place here, but I left for Mexico having finished the baby sweater completely and only having about six inches done on the blanket. When I left, my life-long girlfriend's husband was painting my house, building shelves for me, rearranging furniture, etc., etc. (He could NOT believe the amounts of yarn and books on knitting that I have, but he empathizes. In the things he loves, he is a true pack-rat kinda person, so he gets it, but he "spreads the wealth" around in his collections. Me, I'm truly focused. All yarn, all the time.

And here it is!!!!!

Anyway, I digress. When I left, I knew where everything was. It was a mess, but it was my mess and I could lay my hands on things right away. When I returned, my house was in GREAT shape... walls painted in my choice of colors, shelves on the walls where storage crates used to be, acrylics in large bags on the way out for a yard sale so I could make more room for the good stuff now that I've got shelves to put yarn on, you know... but I don't know where anything is now (like those damned buttons!) so I have to search things out now. What fun... NOT!

Here's a side view...

I would have liked the set in a solid color that would have made the stitches pop, but this was the choice my close friend made for her great granddaughter. It really is cute, but I'm so glad I'm done. Now I have to finish two tiny bits on two sweaters for my daughter, work on the socks for my secret pal and then I get to do something entirely new and exciting...

Make something for me!

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