Monday, October 30, 2006

There's some happy dancin' goin' on...

out there in another part of the country.

My sock-ret pal got the package I sent the other day and man, was she happy! I'm just loving shopping for her. Buying stuff for someone you don't know can be difficult, but when you figure out what someone might like and then they actually do like it, it's a ton of fun.


Anonymous said...

i put yours in the mail today. hope it arrives in the next day or so, probably by saturday, i hope!

your sockret pal

Deb said...

Hey anonymous,

Thanks for letting me know. I’m so psyched. You won’t hear from my right away because I’ve got my mail being held at the post office. If it doesn’t get here by Thursday, I will not get any mail until I return from vacation on the 13th. If it comes before I leave, I’ll be sure to let you know. Have a great couple of weeks.

The person I’m sending to just got my package this past Saturday and man, she was thrilled. I think I over did it a bit, but who cares? It’s so much fun, don’t ya think?