Monday, February 05, 2007

I couldn't help myself

so I started a new project last night. I'm so cold I can't stand it. It was in single digits here today for most of the day. I had to start arm warmers for myself. I found a pattern that is exquisite and the perfect yarn jumped right out of one of my boxes, screaming "use me! use me!" so I did.

I'm using a beautiful beigey (is that a word?) white mixture from Henry's Attic. It's a thick and thin and is so amazingly soft and luscious. I can't wait to finish these and start wearing them. I'm about half-way through with the first one and know that I will finish these quickly. Once I'm done, I'll post the pictures. I think the cable gets somewhat lost in it, but I don't care. I think they will be gorgeous.

Also, I saw this outrageously beautiful sweater on a blog the other day and I want to figure out the pattern. Seems the pattern is only available on a certain yarn retailer's site, and only if you buy the yarn from them, so I'm determined to figure out the pattern and then knit it from my stash. I'll post that picture once I figure out how to write the pattern for it.

Seems like this year will be the year of multiple projects for me. I'm jazzed.

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Anonymous said...

brrrrrrrr. i feel you! it's too cold here for my tastes. hope your new project comes off smoothly. i've neglected my knitting for reading, of late. it's so cold, that all i want to do is crawl into bed, under my electric blanket and read. got to keep warm!

your sockret pal