Thursday, January 11, 2007

At long last, I'm back...

Somehow things in cyberspace work magically yeah, right! and my cookies got disabled. I didn't know this for the longest time and could not figure out how to get back into my blog. I finally bit the proverbial bullet and wrote my computer king (also known as my nephew Eric) and he zipped me back the answer, so here I am.

Things are going well. I've missed posting here though.

I have been thinking about ways to improve this with interesting progress charts of how I'm doing with my UFO's and what's on my needles, what I want to do, etc., but can't seem to find those neat little items that people have on their blogs showing the percentage of something completed. I'm really on a mission to find one I like so I can add it.

Best news is, I finished the Fibonacci sweater that I started making Zoe two years ago and put down for a year. If any of you ever see me doing something with this kind of colorwork (where the colors change every few rows or so) please feel free to rip it out of my hands and off my needles and remind me of this post. But, since's it's complete, I may as well show you how freakin' great it came out how it looks.

And the best part of it is that I waited long enough so it fits her perfectly now. It tapers at the waist the way it's expected to, the length is perfect and the sleeves are perfect. The only problem is it's a little snug going over her head (but I'll stretch it). It looks spectacular on her.

Now I've got to finish the denim and dark blue sweater I started for her two years ago that should also fit her perfectly this winter and, perhaps, next winter too.

Now I'm working on finishing a pair of socks for my sock-ret pal and that will complete the swap for me. I've got all her goodies together for her last package, just have to finish the socks.

OTN: for my niece: a new baby blanket for her daughter-to-be (due in April), so I'm working on a few different things at once, and that normally drives me nuts, but so far, I'm okay with all these projects. I carry the smaller ones around with me and do them in my free time. The bigger ones stay beside my bed and I work on them early in the morning or late at night and I'm hopeful that 2007 will be the year of many completed objects that have been hanging over my head around for quite some time.

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Angel said...

The sweater looks AWESOME!!! You did a great job with it!